Welcome friends and "BreakBoarding" fans!
Thank you for visiting our Cool new BreakBoarding Sports Team website.  Here you are able to review the perfect blend of Street Dance and Skateboarding.  The patented "BreakBoard" is an innovative 2-n-1 skateboard product designed for a new generation of talented athletes with a safe and "Fun Fitness" way to express their potential creative genius. 
This latest variation on the classic outdoor favorite can also be used inside the comfort of your home.  It features a spinning platform in the center that allow riders the option to safely rotate 360 degree's while rolling, in the seated position or on the knees. This feature is sure to open the door to a whole new range of very cool moves, exercise and competition.
We have sponshorship for 1000 dancers/riders and crews. So if you want to be considered for sponsorship, send your Bio & Video and don't forget to tell all your friends if they want to be a paid star "BreakBoarder".
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